There is a part of a forgotten newspaper…

Long ago test match cricket was the only pinnacle of the game, and it’s stars twinkled for the world to see. Before that, there was a time that newspapers used to publish (albeit irregularly) poetry relating to the events of the day.

Frequently modern cricket is dismissed for being an unmemorable treadmill of one day bludgeoning, a view I can sympathise with if not find complete agreement. The shorter form of the game can be every bit as exciting and rewarding as the longer form, though it is true that each test has the opportunity to sear it’s indivuality onto the memory, while an ODI only does so sometimes.

This blog is my attempt to marry the permanence and personality of test cricket to different forms of poetry – test cricket is often compared to a novel, it’s story unfolding page after page, yet i believe every important story can be translated into a poem.

My intention, initially, is to begin with the 1980s, partly because i have the most material to work with in terms of books, magazines and videos for fleshing out, but also because they will be the tests and players I have the longest memories of. I will try to work in chronological order, and promise nothing in terms of length or focus for each test.

I will start with Test 868, the first test that began in 1980.