And Breathe

Test 905. England v. Australia at Leeds, 16th-21st July 1981.
England won by 18 runs.

500/1 on the Saturday,
England were down and were out.
They were following on, and the Ashes were gone,
To the bookies there was little doubt.

It was 6/1 and Gooch had gone,
As the Sunday was taken for rest,
How the rally would happen, if the rally would happen,
Was anyone’s unlikely guess.

But Boycott was Boycott, and Boycott dug in,
And opened a think chink of light,
It opened for Botham, who came to the wicket,
From doing all wrong, everything went right.

He crashed and he walloped with eager contempt,
He battered Australia’s best,
He led England right up to three fifty-six,
And seized full control of the test.

The shadowed Australia needed 130 to win,
Looked in control of the battle of wills,
But the wheels came off when they’d got 56,
As they suffered the battle of Willis.

He got Chappell, then Hughes, and then Yallop, then Dyson,
And wasn’t done with just the four,
He got Marsh and then Lawson, and Lillee and Bright,
He couldn’t have done any more.

So England had done it, and England had won it,
And England had come from the brink,
And England were in it, and England could win it,
And England all went for a drink.

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